CLEO, a virtual dance opera

Empress in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is at the forefront of pop-culture. Through so many films, comics and books, her life and style fascinate and continue to inspire many aspects of our culture: Beyoncé, Cardi B and Lizzo wear her headpieces, Uma Thurman dons a Cleopatra bob in Pulp Fiction and Elizabeth Taylor still captivates nearly sixty years after the eponymous film. There are few historical figures capable to be such focal points for empowerment but also a maelstrom of numerous clichés and cultural appropriation.

BERLIN MOVES explore the tension at the heart of all Cleopatra personae through the ages. CLEO, a virtual dance opera, resurrects avatars of the empress after more than 2000 years with motion capture, dancers, a team of programmers and 3D designers.

In tandem with the one-time only pop-up show at the historic industrial hall Glashaus Arena, CLEO takes the audience on a journey from ancient Egypt to today's pop-culture and the infinity of the Internet.

A project of
funded by
Concept, choreography, artistic Director
Graphic & Character Design
Motion Capture
Composition & Musical Arrangement
  • Hisato Tsuji
  • Sergio Guerra Abril
  • Michelle Kern
  • Cinzia Russo
  • Lucio Seta
  • John Shades
  • Polly Ott

Welcome to CLEO, a virutal dance opera, where we resurrect avatars of the empress after more than 2000 years.

We invite you to interact and explore.